Boston Nonprophet Goes Nonprofit as Sunday Assembly gets 501c3 status

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Monday, 03/16/2015

Boston, MA – Sunday Assembly Boston, the local chapter of The Sunday Assembly, has announced that they have received formal recognition from the IRS as a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Meredith McConnell, current President says ‘We’re proud to have passed this milestone – this change to our status helps clarify our mission as being one of values and community benefit going beyond a purely social association.’

Dr. Mark McKergow, Sunday Assembly network co-ordinator remarks “As the Sunday Assembly movement grows past 60 groups worldwide, it’s increasingly important to ensure that all branches are well-organised and properly governed. Boston is that latest group to achieve the highly-prized 501c3 status in the USA, and maintains a leading position in our worldwide endeavour to build community through kindness, karaoke and cake.“

Sunday Assembly Boston is an organizational member of the Boston Coalition of Reason. Zachary Bos, coordinator of that Coalition, says: “I heartily welcome this news, and I say it’s a sign of more such news to come. The nontheists, humanists, naturalists and ‘nones’ of the Greater Boston Area are by and large a collection of community-minded people. I can’t say I’m surprised to see them coming together in newly organized form to pursue educational, charitable, and social goals. It just goes to show what’s motivating so many Bostonians to come out of the closet and be openly secular: it isn’t about what they’re AGAINST, so much their desire to be visible and vocal advocates FOR the values they celebrate.”

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