‘Godless Congregation’ Celebrates World Launch Day

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This September 28th, the members of Sunday Assembly Boston join their fellow Assembly members across the globe in welcoming thirty-three new Assemblies to their network, a move which doubles the size of the international Sunday Assembly movement.

The members of Sunday Assembly Boston are celebrating news that Sunday Assembly will be doubling in size on September 28th, 2014, when thirty-three new Assemblies will be launched on the same day, in the UK, the USA, Belgium, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, France, and Germany. We welcome these new congregations as part of our mission to make radically inclusive communities.

And the world certainly needs more community: social isolation and loneliness are on the rise (40% of US adults say they are lonely compared to 20% in the ‘80s : 1 in 10 UK adults say they have no close friends ), with massive effects on health (loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking , impairs immune function and boosts inflammation and can lead to arthritis, type II diabetes and heart disease ). Sunday Assembly Boston creates community with a celebratory and inclusive approach, building congregations that are powered by karaoke, kindness and cake.

The community of Sunday Assembly Boston launched in November of 2013 and has enjoyed a successful period of growth since then, with congregants meeting for monthly Assemblies, regular community service events, and social gatherings named “Sunday Assembly: After Dark.”

> > Morgan Spurlock, documentary filmmaker, says: “The rise of The Sunday Assembly was fascinating to me, because it sounded like the sort of congregation for someone like me. I’m agnostic—I know that I don’t know the answer—but I felt like Church wasn’t really for me anymore, and Sunday Assembly takes the best bits of church, and makes it inclusive of everyone. It is one of the most exciting movements that I’ve seen growing, and it just keeps on growing.”

> > Sanderson Jones, Sunday Assembly co-founder, says: “The response we have received worldwide is testament to a growing need for people to be involved in a community they can identify with. When we first started the Sunday Assembly, we didn’t expect it to become a global movement. But with new people and new ideas, we discovered how to evolve this gathering into an international meeting ground and share our enthusiasm for life and a sense of joyfulness.”

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