Some FAQs on Sunday Assembly Boston

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If you’ve landed on our blog, we assume you already know a little something something about Sunday Assembly.  But unless you were fortunate enough to attend our wonderful “40 Dates” tour stop, you might still have some questions about what happens at the actual assembly.

Here is a breakdown of the major players at each Sunday Assembly:


The MC: This person is the glue that holds the Assembly together.  They will introduce each portion of the service.  They should keep the Assembly energetic and the events on schedule.


The Speaker:  This person is usually a guest that we bring in from outside the congregation.  They will speak on a subject in which they have expertise, and which is topical to Sunday Assembly.  Think live “TED Talks.”


The Reader:  This person will read from a selection of their choice to the congregation.  Readings should fit in with the “theme” of each assembly.  They may be a member of the congregation, or an unaffiliated guest.


“Ways I’m Trying”:  A chance for a member of the congregation to tell a personal story of struggle or success.  A chance for the rest of the congregation to listen, support, and learn.


The Band:  Plays some groovy tunes for the Assembly to sing along to.  There should be a vocalist who can lead the songs.


The Tea and Cake:  Sacrificing their material bodies for your personal consumption.  Mmmm tea and cake.

We hope this gives you a good idea of what might go on at Sunday Assembly Boston!  We are still in the planning stage right now, and looking for volunteers to fill these roles.  If you would think you are well suited to any of the above positions (or know someone who is), please drop us a line at or message us on Facebook.

You can also snag tix to our first assembly at our Eventbrite page!


Lets make this Assembly happen!

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